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My favorite ways to unwind after a stressful day

Hello, everybody!!

Well, I’ve decided to write a few posts in English in order to get more comments and maybe more followers. I will try to do this constantly with interesting topics & opinions.

Ok, so this week – I know it is Thursday but the week is almost over – I had a really stressful week. I thought that summer would be easy and calm but unfortunately, a lot of things changed so especially this week was stressful not only for me but for the whole team. So, due to this, the first thing that I want to do when I get home is to rid out all the stress and feel a little bit better. So I will explain you the top five things that I do to leave the stress behind.

1. Watch The Simpsons.

Yes, it is my favorite cartoon of all times. The TV Program is actually really famous here in Mexico and in the channel FOX you can watch them from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm every day. The dubbing is amazing and I laugh a lot with Homer Simpson. I am always happy when the cartoon is on and believe me I can spend the 5 hours watching them without a problem.


2. Do exercise.

Lately, I am on this “fitness plan” – I will write about it later- and I am trying to do exercise every day. I searched for some exercise routines on Pinterest and I found these  Super Hero Routines and I like them a lot. The first one that I tried was the Wonder Woman Routine and believe me is not easy. If you want to try them you only have to type “Exercise Routines” on Pinterest and then choose your favorite. You can try the Captain America Routine or if you like Star Wars there is a Jedi Routine.


3. Sing & Dance “Despacito”.

Have you heard Despacito? Of course, you have. It is not my favorite song of all the times but I really like it. When I don’t watch T.V or I need to warm up before the exercise routine I sing it and dance it a little bit, or I also do it while I am washing the dishes or at work.  There is something cool about this song that puts me in a good mood.  If you had enough of this song maybe you should to it with your favorite song.



4.  Watch Slime videos on Instagram.

Is this too weird? Maybe, but I must confess I love it! I can’t really touch the Slime but I love the noise that it does every time that it is squished. I confess I can spend a few hours watching these videos.


5.  Organize my room or do the house cleaning.

I think this is the most effective way to leave stress behind. Cleaning your room is not only good to keep your marriage on the track – just joking- but it is also good for the soul & the spirit. Also washing the dishes and sweeping the floor are good ways to keep your house clean and your rommies happy.


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