Day of the dead

Hello everyone!

So, I am back again with another post about my country. This time with the beautiful tradition of the “Day of the dead”.

As you know here in Mexico we have several traditions, all beautiful, but for me, the “day of the dead” is the best tradition ever… more than Christmas. The “day of the dead” or Día de Los Muertos is an ancient tradition where we celebrate the dead. We write Calaveras, we build altars for the people that passed away and we cook specially for them. In the altar, we put all the food that the person that passed always used to eat and then we eat it.

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Goodreads Challenge

Hello, It’s me again.

So this afternoon I opened again my Goodreads account and I realize that maybe I will not be able to complete this year’s challenge. I supposed to read 25 books this year, but because of several circumstances, I think I may not be able to do it. I mean, I am 11 books behind schedule, I think I am not going to make it.

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My favorite ways to unwind after a stressful day

Hello, everybody!!

Well, I’ve decided to write a few posts in English in order to get more comments and maybe more followers. I will try to do this constantly with interesting topics & opinions.

Ok, so this week – I know it is Thursday but the week is almost over – I had a really stressful week. I thought that summer would be easy and calm but unfortunately, a lot of things changed so especially this week was stressful not only for me but for the whole team. So, due to this, the first thing that I want to do when I get home is to rid out all the stress and feel a little bit better. So I will explain you the top five things that I do to leave the stress behind.

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